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    In certain corners of the world, a ruthless underground sport has emerged. It takes place in poorly lit gymnasiums and while it is banned in most regions, the ban is not strictly enforced.

    The number of spectators are often small and are careful to keep a distance from the combat.

    There are no weight classes. No male and female divisions. No age restrictions.

    It is a team sport, but at times teammates can only watch helplessly as one of their own is eliminated.

    The best defense is a good offense, but an entire team can be immobilized by a single sharpshooter.

    Not every team possesses an expert sharpshooter, but a barrage is just as effective.

    Even in defeat, a fighter maintains his maniacal smile.

    Over the years, the weapons have been made softer and the rules friendlier. But these children are playing a sport that is no less cruel than the one their fathers have played.
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    great series. I loved playing this as a kid. I'd still enjoy it now, but to be successful, I'd need to find some older, fatter, slower dudes to play with.
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    The "old fat dudes" were actually the best ones there, surprisingly enough! Maybe dodgeball is the only time they can release their frustrations at the younger generation.
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    John Griggs
    On behalf of all the old fat dudes like myself, I thank you! :biggrin:

    Fun shots!
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    Dec 25, 2012
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    As long as you pay for my airfare.
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    never heard of it but it reminds me of the Paris Riots of '68
  8. Nice shots
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    Great series!! Great memories playing dodge ball in middle school. I recall always wishing for rain so that we would stay indoors and play doge ball during PE class. Loved smacking some unsuspecting schmo on the face!
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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. For those not familiar with the dodgeball, the rules are simple:

    1. KILL
    2. KILL
    3. KILL

    For those interested in less tongue-in-cheek information about the photos: The dodgeball tournament took place this weekend as one of the many fundraising events at a festival. Teams pay a registration fee and they are guaranteed to play at least two games, with winners advancing to play more games as others are eliminated. I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill, my best option for a poorly-lit indoor event with a lot of action (other options were my smartphone and a micro four-thirds with body cap lens).

    I used shutter-priority, auto-ISO, which gave me photos at f/2.8 and ISO values of 1250 to 3200 (making B&W conversion necessary). I knew I couldn't rely on auto-focus, so every shot was manually focused. Pre-focusing was difficult with moving targets, so I had to be quick and I had to be lucky. I didn't use my Clearviewer and instead framed using the LCD so that I could see the action outside of the frame to better anticipate a good moment to capture. The resulting images are not technically good, but my friends and teammates loved them. It was also a fun exercise using a "slow" camera for action shots.
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    a Sigma for action?! And indoors?! That oughtta shut up the folks who say it's slow. It's all technique.