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Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by davidzvi, Mar 7, 2015.

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    Apr 18, 2014
    I posted a 2 part thread about this over on Amin's m4/3 forum. But I thought some over here might be interested as well.

    I was looking for a new strap for my E-M10. Something so I could hang the camera on my should or just secure it on my wrist. The closest I found to what I was looking for were things like the Joby's 3-way camera strap or OP/TECH USA Mini Loop Strap-QD. But I didn't want something that mounted from the tripod mount and the mini loop is only recommended for 2.5lbs.

    After searching for a while I found an Etsy store that was using paracord 550 (as most do) but they also have a wrist strap with paracord Type 1. To me 550 is too heavy and Type 1 a little too thin for a shoulder strap. So I contacted them and asked about making something (basically a lanyard) with Type 275 which is a little thicker than Type 1 but much lighter than 550.

    They made it to the length I requested, it's long enough to hang on my shoulder but paracord 275 isn't too thick to comfortably wrap around my hand. I did also get one of there small wrist straps so I have options. And it was only $25 for both (plus S&H).

    Here's their listing for the standard wrist strap they make: RuggedXessories

    My custom straps:
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  2. It does look nice and well priced, but I am simply not a wrist strap fan.
  3. davidzvi

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    Apr 18, 2014
    I like the simple secure one handed carrying but I wanted the shoulder option as well. When I had one of the smaller Pens I used an old Konica APS camera strap / lanyard. I wanted something a little heavier for the E-M10. I basically do the same thing with my DSLRs when I'm only carrying one, loop the strap around my wrist / forearm. But for the E-M10 I only wanted one attachment point.

    They do have a more traditional strap, but again, for these smaller bodies I think it would be nice in the lighter paracord 275 instead of the 550.
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    I'll give it whirl for $13. I like wrist straps and I'll try it on the EM1.