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    Apr 23, 2013
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    I was out today with family looking though a local historical farm house, and snapped these couple of shots which struck a chord with me.

    The first one struck home because it reminds me of how I chat away with my lovely wife about photography, all the long while she politely acknowledges me, while really not caring too much. It brought a smile to my face. This guy was really trying to work something out on his camera.

    Camera Couple One
    by Darren.Nightingale, on Flickr

    This second couple (Presumably a couple though I have no idea) were totally enjoying their photography together. They also made me smile. Firstly because I though about how nice it was for them to be sharing their interest the way they were, and secondly when I realized this guy really needed to sit down after walking around with all that machinery hanging around his neck and shoulders.

    Camera Couple Two
    by Darren.Nightingale, on Flickr
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    Lovely theme!
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