Cosmos Lens Bags and a Silver "Sharpie"

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  1. As I appear to be accumulating Fuji XF lenses :wink: ,(Thank goodness for faculty development funds.), and have a bad habit of grabbing what I think is focal length "A" and find in fact it's focal length "B" I get, I thought I might try marking the bags with the focal lengths. I was pretty sure the Cosmos bags wouldn't take the marker very well and I'd end up with a mess. I guess it worked. Happy, happy. 'Thought I'd share.
    . . . David
    Cosmos Lens Bags.jpg
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  2. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    that's a lovely kit you've amassed. The sharpie is a great idea.
  3. Thanks, Luke. There are other bodies too. (X-T1 is back at Fuji with a flickering screen.) I happened to have a real fondness for the XPro 1 and it was in use with the 27/2.8 at the time.
    Yup, the "Sharpie" actually worked. It was my wife's idea. She hasn't stopped grinning since I put the F/Ls on the bags.
    . . . David