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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Martin Connolly
    A changeable week in Cornwall - mostly fine weather but a couple of gloomy, drizzly days.
    The grand plan was to introduce Inky to the sea (having never seen it before). At first she was ok with the beach, then terror took over as she saw and heard the big wet roary thing. So we stuck to the inland walks or sand dunes well away from the shoreline after that!
    Anyway, here are some pics... last one is of son & heir Tom with girlfriend Jess (and Inky before the terror!)

    Trebarwith sky and sea
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Trebarwith Strand
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Porthcothan ripples
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Camel estuary
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Padstow Harbour
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Camel Estuary 2
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Padstow boats
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    By Roughtor
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    Trebarwith flags
    by Martin Connolly, on Flickr

    DSC00503 (1).jpg

    DSC00463 (1).jpg
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    He he, Inky's a little on the small side when the Cornish surf is up. I hate to think when I was last at Trebarwith Strand, my father was probably still driving his 1938 Austin Ruby saloon, we went over much of both Devon and Cornwall in that car, happy days when you could picnic on the road side without getting poisoned by exhaust fumes. Thanks for posting.

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    Great set of images Martin!
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