Compact System Cameras

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    I've written a personal piece on CSC's on my blog.
    Soundimageplus: Compact System Cameras

    Amin has made the point in the past about how Google don't like the same thing published in two different places so consequently I'm not going to reproduce it here. However if people would like to discuss any of the issues, then I'd be happy to do that here.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Are we to be controlled by Google in what we publish where now?
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    I've been using CSCs for something like 18 months now, starting with an Olympus E-P1 in the middle of 2010. In that time I've followed a lot of discussions, here and elsewhere, on the future of interchangeable lens cameras and the debate over whether CSCs can in fact replace the function of a DSLR.

    If I was to nominate one area where I find dedicated DSLR users dismiss CSCs it is the lack of optical viewfinder. One mention of the freedom that the lack of being tied to an OVF brings in a DSLR friendly forum and it is immediately decried as a reason why someone shouldn't consider a CSC. I know, I've tried the exercise on numerous occasions! Personally, I'm over the OVF. It holds zero appeal to me and I don't see it as having a positive influence on my photography. It is something I tolerate when using a DSLR but not something I miss in the slightest when using a CSC.

    The "Compact" in CSC is only one benefit of these systems. For mine the "EV" in EVIL is an equally big advantage.

    I recently made a post after taking taking both a DSLR and my Micro 4/3 gear on holiday and I still can't think of a better way to describe my current thoughts towards DSLRs.

    That may come across as sounding harsh on DSLRs, but bear in mind that I still own three of the things and still use them regularly. However, I don't use them because they are a DSLR, I use them in spite of being a DSLR. I like them for what they produce if not how they force you to go about doing it. Personally in the longer term I see the days of the DSLR as being numbered, in the amateur market at least. That's just my opinion, of course. The question of whether a DSLR is or will continue to be necessary in the professional market is best left to the professionals to answer.

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