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Discussion in 'Sony' started by nusslejj, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Jan 29, 2016
    I pulled the trigger 2 years ago on a new NEX 7 with the included 16-55 zoom lens. Although it is a beautiful camera, for me it ended up having two problems. 1) it is too big to be 'handy', and 2) the included 16-55 lens is not very good. To solve the lens problem, I loved at a couple of the Zeiss lenses but I couldn't justify spending that much more money. The first problem is entirely my own doing, so 2 years later I started looking for something much smaller that would take great pictures, and not break the bank.
    Do you know how sometimes you stumble into something almost too good to be true ? It happens to me once-in-a-while. I found an "open box" RX100 m1 at a local Best Buy in a ziploc bag. No battery, no memory card, no charger, no box, nutin'. After I inspected it and had them power it up with a spare battery, it only had one flaw - the AR coating on the screen was worn on one side - maybe from sliding around ? Who knows. Other than that it was flawless. I came prepared with good arguments, and got them to throw-in a new battery and charger, and walked out the door for $172 + tax. It also included the full warranty. Next day I made a warranty claim to Sony and sent it off for the screen to be repaired. Got it back 10 days later good-as-new. I bought a Sony case, a lens cover, a faset32gb memory card, and a portable charger/battery combo and had almost as much in that as I paid for the camera, but then again, I could splurge.
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    Oct 18, 2014
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    Welcome to the forum. You'll find several enthusiastic RX100 users here - and, of course, a few with the opposite opinion... but that's life.

    I've had my Mk1 for 3+ years, and I'm still immensely pleased with it. So pleased, that I'm reluctant to consider upgrading to a Mk3 or 4, in case I were to lose some of the 'goodness' of the Mk1. :rolleyes-74:

    It's a great camera, and I'd say that you got an absolute belter of a deal...! :thumbup:
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    Well played on the warranty repair!
  5. Impressive deal

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    Great deal! I love my RX100. I never expected it to be my single most-used body, now that it is almost 4 years old!
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    Welcome to the Lounge. The RX100 is a lovely little camera and you wrangled a great deal! It's truly pocket-able but gives the confidence of great IQ.
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    Jan 29, 2016
    When I got it back from repair, I did not realize that they did much more than replace the AR Screen - they adjusted and cleaned the entire camera and optics, firmware, etc. The Sony order had $336.00 on it to the 3rd party.

    One question I need to surf this forum about whether wi-fi is useful or not. I don't know if I want to Wi-Fi pictures to my phone, as I don't have the memory available, and how long can a hi-res photo take to copy ? It would be nice to Wi-Fi photos to my computer or NAS, but the Wi-Fi memory cards don't get very good reviews, so I'm reluctant to pull the trigger on something that is not reliable, and I'm not sure what the Sony Wi-Fi capabilities are. It appears the best/fastest way is to just pop the card out of the camera and into the destination, then copy the pics over I suppose.
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    I do SD card transfers. I have not found how to use wifi effectively, but maybe I am not doing it right??