Chinese Gardens- more experiments in giant composites

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    Nov 14, 2012
    In case you missed my earlier thread here: I've been playing around with Microsoft ICE for some giant, shallow DOF stitches that is supposed to emulate a camera with a far larger sensor and many more megapixels to play with. It allows you for some giant files. I went really big this time, like 20-30 shots. Some of my early composites hit 70MB an image. :biggrin:

    It's hard to appreciate on screen, I can zoom in like mad. 1:1 ratio is just ridiculous. I really want to find a large format poster printer just to satisfy my curiosity as to what it would look like on paper.

    These are shrunk like crazy to be formatted for the forum..really need it full screen for the full effect.

    Here's a few more:




    And you can also view at larger/original sizes if you're curious.. All sizes | DSCF2501_stitch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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