Chance meeting with a pro photographer

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    We had an incident at the steel mill where I work which I will NOT discuss so don't ask, but we required the local emergency responders to come. Knowing what's inside our plant, they arrived IN FORCE.

    The fully credentialed photographer came with them wearing both a Nikon D4 and a D800 with big zooms and went to work, but he couldn't enter the building without a hard hat so I gave him one of mine -- but also my photography business card, lol.

    He's a great guy and we had a long chat afterward. His name is John J. Randolph and he is a retired policeman who also worked for Reuters News Agency photographing NFL games.

    Here's some samples of his work:

    Aerial rescue


    Bomb squad checks suspicious package

    He definitely gets to shoot fun stuff these days!
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    Very cool.
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    looks like a cool way to get paid