Cell phones sharper than serious compacts now?

Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by lenshoarder, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. lenshoarder

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    Mar 7, 2012
    I was reading a review of the new Sony cell phone. The review site had a very camera oriented comparison section for the camera on the phone. Looking at the picture of the ISO chart for it, I was impressed. The picture is sharper than many cameras I've seen. It's better than my XZ-1.

    Photo Compare Tool - GSMArena.com
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    Nov 9, 2012
    Cell phones

    Cell phone cameras have come a long way, and that is a good and bad thing. Good, because everyone has one and it makes photographing all the more handy. Bad, because although much improved, by absolute terms they are not as good as a good compact much less a DSLR. Sales of smart phones with cameras will continue to eat into the development and sale of cameras, just as cell phones with time displays have diminished the wrist watch market. The camera market will probably continue to move "up scale" and away from the non-enthusiast, which may be nice for a while but I am concerned that it may ultimately undermine the industry.
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  3. Lili

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    My Nokia 808 and, to a lesser extent, my N8 produce image quality that rivals or exceeds my GRD's and XZ-1.
    The 808 sensor is much larger, almost the size of the Nikon 1 system.
    The N8 has 12mp 1/1.8" sensor the same size as my GRD first gen.
    The lenses do not collapse or zoom, so they have much same advantages cited for the Fuji X100 and some Ricoh GR modules.
    Both are VERY sharp.
    Where the Ricoh's still shine is faster lenses and superb, dial-based User Interface.
    The Oly has a fast zoom lens and IBIS.
    But the Nokias beat em all for portability.

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/colette_noir/7968733864/" title="Sidewalk Judge, Grapevine, Texas by colette_noir, on Flickr"> 7968733864_397ba00b1e_b.jpg "1024" height="787" alt="Sidewalk Judge, Grapevine, Texas"></a>

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/colette_noir/7502581438/" title="Grey by colette_noir, on Flickr"> 7502581438_bc7c9316a6_b.jpg "1024" height="1024" alt="Grey"></a>
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    Oct 23, 2012
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    quit impressive !
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    Jul 31, 2012
    New Jersey, USA
    Lili, that last image looks a little soft to me.

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