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  1. Ripleysbaby

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Cumbria UK
    Ventured into Carlisle this morning. They are expecting flooding again later today. While a lot of shops and stores were open, the rain and possible hangovers kept the a lot of them indoors.
    Dull wet and miserable. I hope for the sake of all those affected, that the floods don't come again. Three times in a month is enough I reckon. I stayed away from the worst affected areas.

    23873427132_a4ec8a0c2a_b.jpg _DSC0424-Edit by sucofni, on Flickr

    23613725519_0b72fab1e0_b.jpg _DSC0431 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23981629545_3791a29d02_b.jpg _DSC0428 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23898978831_1ccbf7292b_b.jpg _DSC0435 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23981659485_8340fb3ac1_b.jpg _DSC0427 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23873304342_9e01c8a3ce_b.jpg _DSC0433 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23955361896_fc423b2da0_b.jpg _G104174 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23981456575_78b787e2ac_b.jpg _G104185 by sucofni, on Flickr

    23873255382_6379078f10_b.jpg _G104170 by sucofni, on Flickr
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  2. taqtaq

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    May 31, 2015
    Espoo, Finland
    The first one is striking, it has a post-apocalyptic feel to it.
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  3. Ray Sachs

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Not too far from Philly
    you should be able to figure it out...
    Really nice set. I'm a sucker for converging lines shots like the 3rd and 4th, but I like the composition in a lot of them, and the processing is spot on too...

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  4. Ripleysbaby

    Ripleysbaby supernatural anesthetist

    Sep 9, 2011
    Cumbria UK
    Processing on most of them courtesy of Mr D Springer presets. Cheers Don
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