Canon S95 Low Light / Low ISO Test

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    May 31, 2011
    So as I take a break from pulling an all nighter I decided to test what my S95 can do in low light situations. Bare in mind that this is an extreme environment situation that I used. I turn off all the lights in my living room and only left the kitchen pantry light on which is far away. I had the exposure at 15.0 sec @ f/4.9 (all I could max out at full zoom) and the ISO down to 80. And I did use a tripod which was important in achieving my results.

    I ran two tests with each containing three pictures:

    1rst picture is taken with my Iphone to show how dark the environment really was.

    2nd picture is the straight out of camera with no PP involved.

    3rd picture is final product only using NIK Viveza 2 & Flare software via LR3.

    Test One



    Test Two



    I am aware that there is a full review of this camera already. All I wanted to do was push this little compact to the limit and see what happend simply for fun and share my results. The results impressed me a lot when you keep in mind that this is only a point and shoot camera.
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    Thanks !
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    Could you post some high iso images?
    Thank you....