Canon G1X images - Pearl Harbour

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    The National Parks service does a wonderful job looking after this Historic Site and I'd certainly recommend a visit.
    Just make sure that you allow a full day and go early. When we arrived at 10 am there was already a 4 hour wait to see the Arizona so no time for us as we had other plans






    From inside the submarine Bowfish - no flash



    I'm still not sure what to make of this camera. The image quality is very good and I guess that if I were used to Canon DSLRs I'd be more at home with it.
    I find the focusing and DR options rather confusing and the whole package pretty dull. Maybe I'm spoiled by Fuji and Lumix innovations.
    Right now I can say that I haven't mastered it but there's no denying that it has a wonderful lens and sensor.
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    In terms of operation the G1X is not that closely related to Canon's DSLRs. It may have an almost DSLR size and spec sensor but I think the camera itself is more familiar to existing G series users. All the menus, including the quick menus available through the "FUNC" button, as well as various shooting parameters and jpeg setings are straight out of the Canon compact theory book.

    Focus speed is not up there with the best so I think it's best not to give it too much to think about and set it to single point focus using the smaller of the two focus boxes.

    The jpegs and the default raw profiles in the Canon DPP software seem to apply high noise reduction and then compensate by applying a high level of sharpening. I tend to prefer to throttle back on the noise reduction and as a result reduce the level of sharpening as well. The end image shows more noise (which I don't always consider to be such a bad thing), but also more detail without excessive sharpening artefacts.
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    I visited the Arizona once. An incredible experience.