Canon EOS 70D has vastly improved on-chip PDAF

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    Nov 12, 2010
    Not a serious compact in itself, but the technology sounds very promising! Basically every pixel on the chip (except at the edges) becomes not only an image generating pixel, but also a phase detect pixel, giving live view pdaf even in low-light situations with (supposedly) no loss in light gathering ability. Good to see some innovation coming from Canon again, hope it'll prove to work in real life.

    Canon EOS 70D Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review
  2. wolfie

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    Sep 19, 2010
    This could be big ...

    ... because it could mean that DSLR phase detect lenses could work with fast AF onto a mirror-less body.

    This is big because there is less need, or no need, to develop a separate range of CDAF lenses. Slap on an full electronic adapter and you can use the same glass between a compact and a DSLR body.

    And the advantage is it should deliver fast AF with PDAF (current) advantage in performing continuous AF with subject tracking for sports and wildlife shooters, though maybe not at pro-grade in this introductory phase.

    If Oly can do the same it would probably convert a lot of people over from the 4/3 camp (with those F2 zooms) to M43.

    We continue to live in very interesting times!:biggrin:
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    Unfortunately, there were never a lot of people in the 4/3 camp.
  4. I have literally just come back from a Canon launch of the 70D at one of Canons HQ's and I must say it's an impressive camera. The AF system in live view is nearly as quick as the normal phase detect system. The new sensor is pretty clever and will hopefully launch Canon forward into a range of cameras with the new technology. There will be a blog and a bit of video on our website within the next few days at
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    Full size DSLRs like this are still a dead duck for me, but this technology might make a second generation EOS M a much better proposition. I really want to see Canon improve the dynamic range on their APS-C chips, and there is no information on this new sensor so far that indicates that this has been improved.
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    Dec 15, 2011

    I agree about the EOS M implementation of this tech, and especially agree with what I bolded. I thought a new sensor would have to be more competitive with what we see from the competition. But I don't think Canon would have improved it then failed to market it. I'm curious to see some real world shots and evaluations.