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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Martin Connolly
    Worth it to get Tonality CK and Intensify CK...plus another 10 apps for $19.99.

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  2. Definitely worth it. I already own both of those, and love them (I bought Luminar too, but really, until they make photo management as part of it, I rarely touch it).. Nothing else there really tweaks my interest, Intensify and Tonality are definitely the best of the bundle.
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  3. muzee

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    Apr 30, 2013
    Is the Luminar bundle a suitable Aperture replacement? I've been on the lookout for something since Apple discontinued Aperture 3.
  4. Luminar is not part of this bundle. I just made that remark in connection with Intensify and Tonality.

    Aperture replacements are thin on the ground. There's Lightroom, either by subscription which is now more expensive, or as a standalone which becomes more or less obsolete when the next version is released.

    There was some talk that in the future there will be photo management as part of Luminar, but it hasnt happened yet, and I have seen no further mention. Its not an aperture replacement... yet.

    There's darktable which is supposedly a lightroom wannabe, its free, but its not as good as either LR or Aperture. There's the OnOne Suite as well. I paid for two versions, 9 and 10 but have no plans to buy more. Might be worth looking at their RAW editor. It looks like it might be a contender. ON1 Photo RAW – ON1, Inc.

    I have learned to adapt to Photos more easily than I expected. The built in editing tools arent too bad and I will often use those rather than use an external editor. However, with the addition of a plugin called "external editors" you can access all your other editing programs. I don't use Lightroom or Aperture any more.

    I think I am rambling. Hope theres something in there that might be useful for you.
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