Book recommendation -- The Landscape Photography Field Guide by Carl Heilman II

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    If you have any interest in landscape photography, I can highly recommend The Landscape Photography Field Guide by Carl Heilman II.


    It's subtitled "Capturing the great outdoors with your digital SLR camera," it's published by Focal Press, comprises 192 pages in a 6 inch wide by 4.5 inch tall format (small enough to slide into most camera bags), and is absolutely jammed with useful information.

    The Field Guide is broadly divided into six categories: equipment, technique, shooting, creative effects, editing workflow and reference and is packed with color photographs and examples throughout. There is an excellent index at the back, so if you are stuck on how to shoot a particular subject, it's pretty easy to find the appropriate section. At the back there is also a quick reference section on shooting guidelines, formulas, and tips.

    Even though I don't shoot with a DSLR, the information works with any camera that offers basic manual control. I purchased this book in 2012 and find myself referring to it repeatedly.

    My only complaint is that -- to keep this information-rich book down to a size that would be camera-bag-handy, they had to reduce the type so that it is fairly small. It bright light, it is easy enough to read, but under a moonlit sky, you will definitely want a source of illumination.

    Nevertheless, I find it an essential reference for the kind of photography I am trying to do, and think others here will find it highly useful.

    Cheers, Jock
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