Boerner Botanical Gardens

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    Just got my X-T1 with 18-135mm yesterday and I spent the morning getting it set up how I wanted it and fired off a few test frames. Everything seemed in order. I checked the forecast and shrugged off the chance of showers (weather sealed = cocky) and headed out to the internationally renowned botanical gardens that is 5 minutes from my house.

    I don't claim any of these to be great art. And I haven't been shooting much so I'm pretty rusty. And I'm sorry if it's a bit tulip-heavy (but you gotta shoot what's in bloom). Now with apologies out of the way, here's my best of the day. Most of them are straight of the camera......a couple of them have been over-tweaked (as is my wont). Hope you enjoy them.

    17514206629_50de2d3220_b.jpg DSCF5094 by Luke, on Flickr

    17700750681_ef85e9e393_b.jpg DSCF5093 by Luke, on Flickr

    17698137002_f63392076d_b.jpg DSCF5104 by Luke, on Flickr

    17080321923_bce4206b35_b.jpg DSCF5110 by Luke, on Flickr

    17514390349_2555d50a74_b.jpg DSCF5113 by Luke, on Flickr

    17514507909_ded2892a52_b.jpg DSCF5117 by Luke, on Flickr

    17512959078_febd4ab2f6_b.jpg DSCF5118 by Luke, on Flickr

    17078295334_c53ab78d1e_b.jpg DSCF5122 by Luke, on Flickr

    17674499916_3084b2e7d3_b.jpg DSCF5126 by Luke, on Flickr

    17078313014_506dd7e10b_b.jpg DSCF5128 by Luke, on Flickr

    17674686556_7d636e894d_b.jpg DSCF5132 by Luke, on Flickr

    17697677251_9c1d723631_b.jpg DSCF5138 by Luke, on Flickr

    tried the in-camera panorama feature to try and capture the award winning rose garden (I'll definitely be back when the roses are in bloom....should be pretty amazing)....

    17513235068_5b6c4a465c_b.jpg DSCF5145 by Luke, on Flickr
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    These are gorgeous, Luke.
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