Best 17" SSD laptop for photo editing.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Ghosthunter, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi

    Looking for a reliable 17" laptop with SSD drive and shed loads of RAM for photo editing. Can anyone recommend me one or at least a make to concentrate on. I have not had a laptop for about 20 years so am well out of touch. I have had a look on line and I think I want something in between a gaming laptop and a std laptop.

    The most power hungry progs I'll be using are LR and PS latest versions. Budget around £1000

    Thanks in advance.
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    Interesting question... I have decided that my next tablet (I currently have a Sony Xperia with plenty of life left in it) will probably be a Chromebook, largely for the keyboard and larger screen. It almost never would leave the house, but I would be interested in something I could carry on longer trips for processing on the fly, etc.
  3. I'm having a bit of a minimalist thing going on. I'm trying to only have what I need for a cleaner, more simple life :D . I have Kinda done that with my cameras and now want a minimalist office. Trouble is I currently have an ageing 27" iMac which has been wonderful but I'm suspecting the HDD is starting to show signs of old age and it's the same as my old 21" iMac which failed after 5 years. I was looking at Linux but it's still not capable enough yet. Windows 10 looks much improved and quite Mac-like. Being mobile would be quite handy. I also really want to use an SSD hard drive which should speed things up.
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    Why not put a new SSD in the iMac?
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    Don't necessarily limit yourself to laptops which have a SSD. A HDD to SSD swap is actually pretty straightforward. Just mount the SSD in an external USB drive case and use one of the readily available tools to copy the HDD across. I use Paragon's Migrate OS to SSD, but there are a number of others - sometimes you get one free with the SSD.

    Also, since I'm just having this discussion with my neighbour who wants a big screen laptop, it may be worth considering a smaller laptop + an external monitor. The only problem with 17" laptops is they don't tend to be very portable (bit big and heavy to carry around)
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    I got 2 laptops. A chromebook 2 make Toshiba with 13,3 inch screen, full HD IPS. (cheap)
    And a 15,6 inch Windows laptop make Asus with i7 processor, Nvidia GPU, 8 GB RAM.
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    Usually PC laptops are cheaper compared to Macs at high end. I have been using HP 15.6" laptop with 16GB RAM for nearly 2 years. It has i7 processors+graphic cards and were within your budget limits (Amazon purchase). It gets warm at times when running lightroom, photoshop at the same time but speed is good. These were the upper limit when I bought it. They don't have SSD which got cheaper lately. Checking Amazon I see that they have now 32GB laptops are out. So they should be more than enough for your use...
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  8. Thanks guy's. Will look into these.