Below the moor in Owley Bottom

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    This morning I took advantage of a short break in our stormy weather to walk around Owley Bottom, the valley of the Glaze Brook as it decends off Dartmoor. The walk initially took me past Lady's Wood and then out onto a network of country lanes.

    The morning sun breaks out from behind the last of the shower cloud

    Crossing the Glaze Brook near an old corn mill

    The barn at Owley Farm

    Then it was onto a rough old farm track through Owley Bottom

    The track approaches Lady's Wood. The cloudless blue sky of first light is already showing signs of the next weather system approaching from the west

    Corrugated shed and tree

    The Glaze Brook viaduct carrying the main railway line through south Devon to Cornwall. Beyond the existing structure can be seen the stone pillars of the original viaduct which had a wooden deck supported by wooden struts radiating from the top of the pillar. This was a design of Isambard Kingdom Brunel subsequently replaced by the more durable stone structure in use today.

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