B&W with DP2 Merrill- jpeg or from RAW?

Discussion in 'Sigma' started by Ranger Rick, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Ranger Rick

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    Mar 12, 2012
    Tempe, AZ
    I'm renting a DP2M for a trip. I read it can produce excellent B&W.

    Since I won't be able to process/verify until I get back, any thoughts on B&W from B&W jpeg Mode vs. B&W from RAW with something like SEP 2?


  2. Duane Pandorf

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    Apr 25, 2011
    Western NC
    If the camera has the option I would shoot RAW+JPG and set the in camera JPG option to B&W. This way you have a B&W file to use while on your trip and the RAW file for final processing if required when you get home.
  3. I shoot Jpg+raw all the time.. But I only use the jpgs for quick filtering.. That is..I find the ones that I want to run thru spp (Sigma's raw sw processor) to create a tiff 16 from the raw as opposed to trying to do,everything in spp at the same time.

    W/ the latest fw update and version of sp, when u set monochrom mode on the dp2m, it puts a monochrom flag in the raw file data.. When u open that raw file in spp, it will automatically bring up the b&w dialog. U still have access to the color dialog btw.

    I have sep2 as well.. But since the latest set of updates, I tend to use spp monochrome for all the initial b&w work when I create the tiff 16 file.. I feel I can get much better control of the look in my b&w w/ spp then in sep2 (and that is saying something, since sep2 is pretty good w/ the level of controls that u can apply even after playing w/ the different presets)..

    I bring it into aperture for my final set of edits.

    Jpg+raw is going to be about 50-55mb for each picture and the converted tiff will be around 84mb if u are using large raw. Make sure that u use the fastest sd card.. Writes to sd are slow... 55mb is a lot of data to,write compared to the usually 10-20mb of any other camera.

    Good luck and have fun with it..
  4. PaulO

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    Aug 9, 2013
    For B&W I'm shooting RAW + jpg (but jpg is only for initial selection). I find that I get more control of B&W by doing initial corrections in SPP as a color image (not using SPP monochrome) and saving as 16bit TIFF. I then do BW conversion in PS CS6 (or could use LR). I like having tonal control of each color channel and the use of the adjustment brush for subtle dodge and burn.
  5. I mainly use the spp monochrome color wheel for that operation..

  6. PaulO

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    Aug 9, 2013
    I believe I have a lot more control in ACR (in CS6 - not Elements) or Lightroom. I can adjust the luminosity of each color channel independently. For example, I can darken the reds, lighten the yellows, darken the greens and lighten the blues all at the same time in one image. I don't believe I can do this with the color wheel. I'm I missing something?

  7. Point taken..

    I have never need that much individual control of the luminous channels. I tend to play w/ luminosity after the b&w conversion in Aperture.