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    Feb 3, 2014
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    We have some cash back offers also in the UK :)
  3. Why does it look like a scam to me when I read the fine print?? "The information that must be provided by claimants on the online registration form includes: (a) personal and contact details, including full name, phone number, email address, postal address (and BSB & bank account name and number if the claimant wishes to receive their cash back by means of electronic transfer)" Where's the spot where I can also put mother's maiden name etc??
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    Feb 3, 2014
    Yeah, I'll have to find out my hat size too.
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    Sep 13, 2014
    That's because you don't live in Australia.

    As a transplanted Yank who moved here ten years ago, I learned that the direct transfer of funds to your bank is extremely commonplace here. All of the cash rebates I have received (Canon, Nikon, etc) have been via electronic transfer. Before I closed my photography business here and retired, I received all my invoice payments via electronic transfer.

    The Postal Service here provides an extensive electronic transfer service that most people use to pay some bills and it essentially provides electronic banking in rural and remote areas via the local Post Office.

    For Fuji to require sufficient identifying information from you to register your camera equipment purchase and transfer cash directly to your bank account doesn't seem untoward here. And if you don't want the electronic transfer, how are they going to send you a check without your address? The email address is used to notify you that your application has been received. Then, usually a month or two later you get a second email to tell you that the check has been mailed or the deposit has been made so you can follow up if the check is not received or the deposit doesn't show up.

    As far as checks go, they actually get very little use here compared to the USA. The entire electronic payment system here was very advanced when I got here ten years ago--about where the USA is now.

    I'd suggest you need to rethink your scam view. I mean this paranoia can get out of hand. Next you'll be telling us that the WiFi and selfie screens in cameras are so the government can get your face into the facial ID database and the street surveillance cameras will then be able to identify you based on your camera serial number and the information you gave the camera company when you registered your camera.
  6. My remark was supposed to be light hearted!!! I've always been an early adopter of paperless money transactions. Oh and about 7-8 years ago I worked in an industry that played around with your last paragraph. :)