APS-C Sony user need to contact Sony.

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  1. After looking over the most recent documents from Sony, the emphasis is clearly on E-Mount cameras, however, the APS-C side of the family is being quickly forgotten. It is not explicitly stated the APS-C is being removed, but the lack of ANY information is a huge concern.


    Those of us APS-C faithful need to let Sony know we care about our cameras and will be greatly disappointed if they completely abandon us.

    I have posted a link to the US Sony contact page.

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    I never had the impression that Sony (and others) cared for their customers like they could have and after five years with different NEXes, a less than stellar lens lineup to choose from and what to me looks like the lack of quality control in some areas (sample variance at its very finest, I'm on my 6th copy of the 1855 - not a single one of my samples had been decently centered) I don't believe that this will change anytime soon. These are my personal impressions based on first hand experiences; my main reason to stay clear off their new FF system and to stick with what I already own (more than enough).
    Just my 2... YMMV
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  3. I myself do own an FF and greatly enjoy it. I am more than satisfied with mu 6000 and plan on keeping it for many years.

    My concern is down the road, when the A6000 is old and tired will there be a replacement? I have no interest in FF, the price they demand, and the extra size.
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    If we are to believe other recent SAR posts, a NEX 7 / a6000 replacement is due in the next few months. Nothing on new base models, although one could argue that the need for those to be cutting edge is a bit less - an a5000 is already mighty capable, small and pretty affordable. And nothing on lenses, which would bother me a bit if I were in the market for one - FF lenses do work ofcourse, but are much bigger than they need to be.