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    Court hearing?
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    Mar 27, 2013
    Lets See where we go Watson

    Conventionally dressed dark suit & striped tie, polished shoes sitting on some fairly ordinary contract folding chairs. On his lap indexed paperback books with a folder. Mobile phone, large perhaps a bit Ostentatious watch.

    Looks more bored than apprehensive

    Walls ceramic brick / tiled with curved corners - easy clean / wash down. Vinyl tiled floors. Suggests 1950's - 60's building. Perhaps medical almost certainly institutional.

    Now a photo was taken implies this is a public area So ... given his obvious youth & need for indexed text references my guess is a medical rep waiting to see a doctor or similar
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    My turn... The chairs are institutional. The watch is large, but inexpensive - a young man's watch. The mobile is an old model. The suit is new with clearly defined creases. The shoes are new also. The body language is unconfident, almost gauche. I would say a job interview, an undergrad.

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    *dusts off deerstalker, lights pipe*
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    Ahh, Sherlock aficionados, very impressive deductions. Actually, piano "auditions" (annual NJ state review of piano skills, for elementary to high shool students of the more serious music teachers). Held at Seton Hall University campus; some of the kids tend to dress pretty formally for these tests.