Another "thank you" to Amin, the moderators and our forum members.

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    Jun 12, 2012
    I just wanted to say "thanks" to Amin, the moderators and all our forum members who do their part to make a great forum community. One of the biggest reasons I visit this site and Amin's other discussion sites is that people generally stop and think for a second before posting abrasive, sarcastic, or insulting comments.

    I've read or participated in too many discussion threads on other sites where forum members automatically assume the worst of fellow members and post comments with gratuitous amounts of sarcasm about other members or even comments that some would consider blatant insults.

    I hope negative, spiteful forum posts aren't just the curse of all online discussion forums after they've been around a while. I don't want us to lose the ability to communicate with perfect strangers in a civil, respectful manner. There is no reason to respond to someone we don't know by ripping them a new a-hole. I support free speech in all forms of communication but I'm not talking about people "being honest" or "telling it like it is" ... I'm talking about keeping ourselves "in check" when it comes to abrasive comments and a fundamental lack of respect for fellow human beings.

    Amin, the moderators and the overwhelming majority of our members who contribute here promote a welcoming and respectful environment for all people. I'm very glad we have these discussion forums.

    When forum communities foster a negative environment it makes people less likely to contribute and ultimately hurts the community.

    Keep up the good work.
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    If I didn't own a serious compact, I'd lie about it so I can continue to hang out on SC.
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    I concur. The photo below speaks for itself.


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    Many Bothans died to bring us these forums...
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    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :grouphug:
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