And yet another X100s review by a photographer

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Pelao, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Great review by another professional photographer. This is interesting:

    "In short, Fuji have really hit the ball out of the park here and made an already great concept SO much more useable. The X100S will be the yardstick against which all other non DSLR camera’s are judged over the next few years and rightly so. Leica should be worried, because in the not too distant future when Fuji manage to cram a full frame sensor in this body it’s questionable apart from the brand kudos and heritage why anyone would want to buy one."
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    Dec 6, 2011
    And another Fuji x100s Review :: By Zack Arias I don't think this one was shared yet. I don't know that he's actually getting rid of his Canon gear and using only the Phase and his Fuji gear like he said.. but he just might.
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    May 6, 2011
    I hate this crap. If Fuji or anyone else could have crammed a 35mm sensor into a camera this big they would have done it already. So far there's been exactly 1 camera that's done it. The Sony RX1 and it's over $3K with a viewfinder, and it 'aint a rangefinder. If Fuji do it, guess what? It'll be over $3K as well. These guys who think Fuji is going to do this next week in a camera that sells for $1200.00 are delusional. This constant "Leica Killer" mentality just reinforces the fact that there is nothing out there like a real Leica and no-one is even close yet to making a digital rangefinder that competes. But you know what? As a digital Leica fanboy and owner I can tell you now that Leica's don't make better images than other cameras. And unless you strip the "supper Fuji" down to the extreme basics (no AF, rangefinder focusing, huge lump of brass, no film modes etc) it's NEVER going to feel like shooting with a Leica. The M9 is the most flawed and perfect camera ever made, all at the same time, for 5% of photographers. But you can make great images (with arguably better image quality, although I like a camera to have flaws. It gives it a personality) with a lot of cameras. The only tool that really matters in photography is the one behind the camera.

    Why do people keeps comparing a camera that relies of autofocus so heavily to one that gladly ignores it? It just doesn't make sense, even if there's some cosmetic plagiarism going on. In operation the X series camera are for closer to any DSLR than they are to a rangefinder, regardless of the looks.

    Fuji makes sensational cameras. Comparing them to Leica's or saying they'll become the next Leica just belittles the Fuji name, IMHO.

    /end rant

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    Gordon, I gotta say....that was a great rant. I'm a Fuji fanboy. It's NOTHING like a Leica.
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    Dec 6, 2011
    IMHO there is no perfect camera. I'm all for whatever camera works for each individual. That is what makes the perfect kit. :) *I don't have Leica [short of a ltm 50mm lens given me] or Fuji.

    And yes Gordon you are right.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Thank you Gordon. You've said more clearly what I've been trying to get at in a number of recent post in which I'm afraid I've pissed off a number of folks I generally get along with quite well. I probably personalized it by criticizing what I saw as the shilling by a couple of guys who also happen to be damn fine photographers, but who's comments comparing Fuji to Leica struck me as crap, and I hated it too. The biggest thing the X100s has in common with a Leica is it looks kind of like one to the untrained eye and it does have the offset OVF, which is not a small thing, even if it doesn't work at all similarly. And like with any decent camera, a fine photographer will make fine photographs with it and a crap photographer will make crap photographs with it. And as long as everyone is enjoying their cameras, not much matters beyond that. Even if some are enjoying it because they think its "just like a Leica".

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    There are different cameras in the world because there are different people. A few dictators have tried to make everyone the same, but it tends not to work.

    I find the photographers I have really enjoyed don't usually use popular cameras. I also find they don't talk about gear either. They certainly don't rank gear.

    And if you think about it, the most interesting people don't fit into categories. I don't need to compare that person to another to find his or her value. And those interesting people talk about more then themselves or others.
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    Surely the most implrtant thing about any camera is the unboxing experience...
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    They talk about cameras right? :cool:

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    I saw a really, really great review about the Holga Diana the other day. It's convinced me to sell everything an buy a Diana. It does things neither Leica nor Fuji do...
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    Got to admire Fuji's marketing though - get lots of photographers who use their products to write photographers' reviews. (Not implying anything underhand by that - it's just clever on their part and comes from knowing their target customers).

    I'm surprised more companies don't do this. Part of the reason I finally recently acquired an NEX-7 was reading Michael Reichmann's and Peter Sill's photographers' reviews. These kind of reviews will always carry more weight with a certain kind of customer than the technical reviews that are all over the web.
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    That is my preference in reviews too.