An Ivatt in deepest Devon

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    A visiting locomotive on the South Devon Railway, an LMS Ivatt designed Mogul, although actually built in British Rail days at Swindon works in 1953, but a long way from it's former running area of north Wales.

    The "perisher". Replicating a perishable goods train, here with milk tankers and vans. Timed at express train speeds on the mainline and given priority. In days gone by trains of milk tankers (glass lined and each capable of holding 3,000 gallons) used to make their way from the west country to a depot at Kensington (London) to supply the capitals needs, usually 12 plus tankers per train together with fresh agricultural produce.

    Working a short ballast train passing Hood Bridge near Staverton.

    G6 with 20mm f/1.7 (top) and 14-45mm zoom (bottom)

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    Great photos - I can smell the steam! Nothing quite like it in its day
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    Barrie, thanks for the historical bits. I think we often take for granted all the work behind the scenes to get us our glass of milk. I don't really live that close to any dairy farms and yet I have fresh milk whenever I need it.
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