After, before the train: Florence while you wait (image heavy, E-M10 )

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    So I drop my dearest at her office, where she is going to unleash her toothache on the unsuspecting criminal elements of the citizenship who decide to misbehave on Saurday afternoon, and after a short while I'm on the tiny train - eastbound Florence.
    15553751000_412a3f2cd4_o.jpg Florence, before. by alfrjw, on Flickr
    While on the train, I make plans with the little Fiona for coffee and a chat, and opt for the 45mm that seems to love the town.

    Like most, I head to Santa Maria Novella and look back
    15749686521_9ae5ba21e8_b.jpg EM100034.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    15565710139_18eefd8bf1_b.jpg EM100048.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Towards the river, bordering the Alinari museum (the photography history in Florence), I enter the fashion district and it shows.
    15749695781_3f0750ec38_b.jpg EM100060.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Lost, but not really, holding the map without looking at it, taking all in.
    15751586535_4db4072f99_b.jpg EM100061.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    I hit the river, turn left, move on to the next street.. Meanwhile, they plan.
    15727876796_e7e69ca25a_b.jpg EM100069.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    While approaching I start hearing the most beautiful voice from afar - this lady profusely thanking some fortunate one in a melodic Russian, almost singing.
    [​IMG]EM100081.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Look up. It's there since the sixties. Mario.
    15749715961_81f7e240ef_b.jpg EM100082-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Color, gray.
    15566174258_af15983b9e_b.jpg EM100083-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Not an art installation. I checked.
    15132204923_e5a257d11f_b.jpg EM100088.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    One for the JPGvsRAW team: perfect posing, selfie,
    JPEG first,
    15566787710_89d3b7fd50_b.jpg EM100091.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr
    RAW second.
    15727902026_621d327b5e_b.jpg EM100091-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Yours truly, windowshopped.
    [​IMG]EM100104.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Approaching their target, the Mother pontificates.
    15751632495_bddc689cb2_b.jpg EM100113-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Let's look up again. Old but clean.
    15132230773_c6db4256b9_b.jpg EM100117-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    So I reach Republic Square, besides the merry-go-round.
    15566815290_8ee676972a_b.jpg EM100123.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    15132237903_5a778bd4d5_b.jpg EM100133.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    I approach S. Lorenzo and on the steps all the world sits and solves the day issues
    15565780369_f2bd739711_b.jpg EM100152.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Mmm. ice cream. Idea.
    15753197412_12b2986a54_b.jpg EM100158.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    The little one has the same idea. Hey! Ice cream!
    15727947566_e4c50d49a9_b.jpg EM100165.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    I agree, remembering I didn't have lunch! Easily corrected in the upper Mercato Centrale, after a while I'm back on the street.
    15566839780_9532945a99_b.jpg EM100168-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    Enter Fiona, chat, coffee, books, the unsuspecting others, and a look at the Leica store.
    [​IMG]EM100182.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    And a little walk again! Meanwhile the street fills. (JPEG, RAW)
    15131715134_fb1d9eb922_b.jpg EM100183-2.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    So we head to the station and our respective ways
    15566244028_6f697ecb31_b.jpg EM100191.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr

    And that's all. I start liking this E-M10 thing.
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  2. Alf, thank you so much for yet another entrancing photo walk through your day's activities. Most enjoyable, and the shots were excellent. EM-10 is something I've also considered (along with a dozen others). More please.
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    Dec 24, 2010
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    As always, a nice storyline and well accompanied by the images.
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    Sep 21, 2010
    Not too far from Philly
    you should be able to figure it out...
    Really nice series Alf. I love the blonde woman on the phone - so animated! And your self portrait too. Great stuff... Several others too, but those were the two that called out to me....

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    Excellent photography and wonderful story telling. I always enjoy your posts.
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    I do enjoy your observations, Russian lady the standout for me too :)
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    Nov 7, 2013
    I'm not big fan of street photography myself, but your storytelling made it extremely enjoyable.
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