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    Jul 3, 2010
    You may have noticed that the big "Moderator", "Subscribing Member", and "Affiliate Patron" banners are gone and replaced with a variety of small, round badges.

    I'll explain here what these badges are and how you get 'em. Here are then six badges, followed by a description of each one:


    1) Moderator badge: You get this one by being one of our volunteer moderators. Thanks to our mods!

    2) Subscribing Member badge: Given to those who support the site by paying a subscription.

    3) Charter Member badge: Signifies that the member is one of the first 100 people to register on this site. Too late to get in on this one!

    4) Affiliate Patron badge: Given to those who attest either that they have used our affiliate links or that they would have used our affiliate links if those were usable in their country / region.

    5) 1000+ Rated badge: Denotes a member who has received at least 1000 positive ratings. Every like, appreciate, wow, agree, funny, informative, winner, or useful counts as 1 positive rating.

    6) Active Member badge: Given to those who have an avatar and have made a certain number of posts within a certain amount of time. This badge comes and goes depending on recent activity. Just like Subscribing Members and Affiliate Patrons, Active Members enjoy an ad-free site.
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    I regret not knowing about this place earlier so I could have the rare and valuable charter member badge.....anyone selling theirs?
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