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Discussion in 'Fuji' started by dixeyk, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I have for a time had my Olympus E-P3+VF2 up for trade here and I have been on the fence about it. What I have been wanting is an X10 and as I already have an E-P1 and G2 I am not finding that the E-P3 really gives me anything I already don't already have in the other two cameras. In fact, the Panasonic G2 is far and away my favorite m43 camera. I have the P14, P20 and O45 lenses so I feel like the third body (the E-P3) is redundant and frankly not getting much use. I asked the question on mu-43 (I spend more time there) if an E-P3+VF2 for X10 seemed like a good trade or was I batty for considering it. Of course being the "home team" pretty much everyone thought I was nuts (and that's understandable of course as they already think I'm batty for preferring the G2 to the E-P3) but I am curious what current X10 owners think of it. What appeals to me about the X10 is better handling as I find the controls and the form of the E-P3 to being uncomfortable to hold and use, and from what I have seen the X10 has better low light/high ISO capabilities than m43. In fact judging by the images I've seen I find the IQ remarkably similar. What do you think of the X10?

    Caveat...I have no local shops where I can go take a look at one. I have done quite a bit of research this far and so far the X10 seems like a VERY interesting camera.
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    I carry an m9 with a 50mm or 35 mm summilux and an x10 to cover slightly wider, slightly longer and closer than the m9 can give.
    A very pleasing combination for almost anything I encounter.
    Sometimes a little extra light is nice, but that's another question.
    I have posted several photographs done with the x10 in the gallery here and on flickr.
    Works good for me, but ultimatley you'll need to be "the decider".
    Keep Eager.
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    Can you post a link to your Flickr images? I'd like to see them.
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    Aug 30, 2011
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    That's a tough one ... X10 for EP3 + VF2 ... I still have the X10, and I had the EP3 for about 3 weeks, before returning it as the PL25/1.4 aperture chatter was annoying me when mounted on the EP3.

    High ISO/Low Light capabilities - The X10 does a pretty good job for a small sensor camera thanks to all the technological wizardry in it, which includes the EXR mode as well as the Pro-Low-Light mode, which takes multiple exposures and combines them. However, the cost of the less noisy photo is a reduction in resolution from 12 mp to 6 mp. With the EP3, I was comfortable using up to ISO1600 and maybe 3200 with some good PP work. I'd say my comfort level with the X10 is about the same.

    Ergonomics - I actually REALLY liked the ergonomics of the EP3, and more so than the X10. There are so many buttons to customize. It just always made me upset that Olympus wouldn't allow ISO to be assigned to those upper customizable buttons though! :( The X10 is a prettier looking camera, not that the looks affect ergonomics! :)

    During a trip to Seattle and Vancouver, I used the X10 and X100. I found myself reaching for the X10 much more often due to its versatility and faster operation than the X100.

    Here's a link to a thread I started to discuss the "special modes" of the X10:


    I really like the Pro-Low-Light mode. I also like the Pro-Focus mode that creates the impression of a shallow DOF by also combining multiple frames. It's great for portraits and it works wonder in making it look like you have a larger sensor camera. The sweep panorama function on the X10 is the best one I've used so far, and definitely easier to use than the Sony's implementation on the NEX.

    Hope this helps.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    If not for the X-10's orb issue (which was only an issue for me in urban low light shooting with lots of artificial light sources in the shot), and if I wasn't such an obsessive idiot about cameras, I could probably get by with the X10 pretty easily as an only camera. Unfortunately, I really like the capability of shooting in cities at night and the capability of going both longer and wider than the X10 will go. If I was a sane person, I could be VERY happy with just an X10 if they'd clean up the orb issue without losing too much of what makes the camera very very good. Because of the orb problem, I'm actually happier with an el-cheapo LX5 than I was with the X10 because its more limited but I trust it completely within its limits. And the X10 had a whole area that it was very capable in but led me to shoot in situations where it greatest weakness came to the fore.

    What I'm trying to say is I think the X10 is THAT good if you're OK with its range of focal lengths. If the new sensor maintains its strengths while getting rid of the orbs it will be a really really special camera. About as good in low light as m43 up until now (the new Pany's are slightly better and the EM5 may be better yet), and very very good in high dynamic range situations once you know how to take advantage of the EXR capabilities. As Armando said, you give up the full resolution but I have quite a few fine shots at 6mp that look just wonderful on a 12x18 print, so that's not a big issue for me.

    I'd hold off and see what the X10 looks like once they issue the fixed sensor. If they get rid of the orbs without compromising its DR and low light capabilities, I'd recommend it STRONGLY for almost anyone, from beginner to enthusiast. If they lose too much of what's good when they fix what's wrong (which I hope doesn't happen but I consider a possibility), then it would be a whole different calcuation.

    Of course, if you don't shoot much at night, you could just get one now. Orbs are such a rare occurance in daylight settings I just wouldn't worry about it.

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    Aug 7, 2010
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    There is so much to like about the X10.
    If I were to design my own compact then the X10 with the X100 viewfinder would be it.
    Of course it would have a normal Bayer Sensor and not the current EXR sensor and perhaps a better LCD.
    The LCD proved unusable in the Tropical Sunshine ( OK for California though ) when other cameras were still viewable
    I agree with Ray that you might like to hold out until we see what Fuji are going to do about the sensor.

    But if you like your G2 try the Lumix G3..now that is one of my favourite cameras and a good price too!
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    Aug 26, 2010
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    I've just bought a X10, I don't do night pictures much at all and I wanted the EVF for when the sun or bright light makes shooting with LCD near impossible.
    I really like the 'old fashioned' style of this camera the controls also suit me more than the E-PM1 which is also a very nice camera.
    Decisions decisions.....
  9. drd1135

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    I would wait a bit on the X-10. Fuji is planning to replace the sensor for a newer one that supposedly solves the orb problem. This is supposed to happen next month. I'm assuming that if you wait you could get an X-10 that already has the new sensor. Just to mention, the X-10 is my favorite camera mainly due to the IQ.
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    I like the G3 but I don't find it as comfortable and easy to use as the G2...and I am one of those folks that really doesn't see a whole lot of difference IQ wise between any of the m43 cameras. What the X10 would give me is a macro, better high ISO than the E-P3 and a faster burst rate. It also allows me some freedom when shooting as I wouldn't need to change lenses. I love my m43 primes but there are times when a nice fast zoom would be welcome. That said, I can wait and see what Fuji does sensor wise with the X10.
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    I have the X10 and the E-P3. The X10 is my "grab-and-go" camera of choice; I'm having a bit of a struggle warming up to the E-P3 and I just don't know why; maybe it's the lack of EVF.

    I also have G2 and G3, and I MUCH prefer the G2. Guess we're on the same page...!
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    Aug 15, 2011
    Yes, I am with you Chuck on the G2, Just a great camera all around, and now that i have the X10 , i have the best of both , the small take any where X10 which is just a lot of fun to shoot, and just love the Macro on it also.

    So yes, the perfect two Camera kit, G2 for larger sensor , and lens options, native and adapted and the gorgeous fine,small Fuji X10.

  13. If I had the choice of an E-P3 with EVF or X10 i'd probably go for the E-P3 and EVF. The 'orb' problem on the X10 is a bit of a pain at times and i do find exposure is very poor. It does however produce really nice images in the right situations where there is reasonable even lighting conditions. I have seen some stunning shots from the E-P3 but if you want a fixed lens camera then the X10 for you would be a good choice.........although I would still consider the XZ-1, or wait for the XZ-2 or Lumix LX6 when they turn up.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    I had an X10 for a little bit and finally got it returned via eBay buyer protection. Aesthetically, I loved it and it produced great images in the day time, but it was bigger than my GF3 +14mm. Right now I'm waiting patiently for the LX6... No news on it at all.
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    Mar 19, 2012
    For me, an interchangeable system (SLR, mirrorlesss, etc.) was not an option. And so very often, I'd try a recommended camera, and so often they felt like polycarbonate blobs, not cameras. Plus, I MUST have a viewfinder: I'll never get used to a rear screen only camera, holding it out away from me like a smelly baby diaper. Plus I'm steadier with it pressed to my face, and I can't see around the camera to disturb my composing the scene.

    I bought into Fuji's X design brief totally. I like metal cameras that feel and look like a camera (my age is showing . . . .). I care nothing about video. I wanted a hot shoe. I wanted to be able to use filters. I did not want a zoom driven by an 'erection motor' with a minimum f-stop as slow as Christmas. So while I admire the X100, I wanted a zoom. Imagine what Canon would get for an 'L' 28-105 f2-2.8 . . . .

    I can't really comment in comparison to all the other cams metioned here. All I can tell you is I love this little gem. It's well-publicized foibles rarely intrude in my case. As with any camera, you learn what it likes, what it doesn't, and just get on with it. I'm very pleased with its output. I'm not a pixel counter, not a pro, just someone that grew up with a camera in my hand (started with an Agfa folder!), so I consider myself maybe a slightly advanced amateur. It has that Fuji 'look' which is fine with me. When I take care of business, it's as sharp as can be. I'm still learning in detail how it sees things, just like I learned film/camera combinations in the old days.

    I can tell you this: It has returned the joy of photography to me in a way that I frankly could not find in any other camera I've seen. I'm not apt to stay up nights sweating the samll stuff (for me, the occasional orb is not a Sign of the End Times or reason for endless internet screeds), I just want a useable tool that I have fun using, and this fits me to a 'T'.
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    Neil Luck
    :thiagree: Joey, I could not agree more with you. What a perfectly written account of your feelings and experiences...that fit my own to a tee. Thank you!


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