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Discussion in 'Canon' started by Jock Elliott, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2012
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    Does the G1X have a continous focusing mode?

    I'm looking for a work-around for the reported slow focusing.

    The G12 has a mode that actually blacks out the LCD, forces the shooter to use the optical viewfinder, and continuously focuses until you push the shutter button. This mode consumes more battery power, but it is very fast.

    Does the G1X have a similar mode?

    Cheers, Jock
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    "The G12 has a mode that actually blacks out the LCD" can't say that I'm familiar with that.

    The focus speed isn't as bad as you might think.
    If you've ever used an X100 or other large sensor camera you might consider it quite fast.

    What you discover through usage is that very often a subject is in focus before the green LED shines.
    If it's a rapid shot in reasonable light just take the shot , don't wait for focus confirmation and I bet that at least half of your efforts will be sharp.

    With that preamble , yes there is continuous focus to which you can add Canon's servo focus to hold a subject plus the usual tracking and face detection.
    Best to read the manual from

    Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : PowerShot G1 X

    The major weakness of the design is shot-to-shot times when using RAW but there is a very effective workround in the Scene Menu called High Speed burst and although Jpeg only that's never bothered me as the quality is so high.