A high and lonely Dartmoor pub, Warren House Inn

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    Standing alongside the Two Bridges to Moretonhampstead road is the Warren House Inn, the present building dating from 1845 was built opposite the previous pub. When finished a lighted peat faggot was taken from the grate in the old pub to the new pub and the fire has reputably been lit ever since, thou these days it's a log fire rather than a peat fire. At 1425 feet above sea level it's thought to be the highest pub in the south of England, and possibly the most remote.

    The view from Birch Tor

    The early morning was clear and cool. Why is there a pub in such a remote spot. The clue lies in the scars seen on the landscape, the result of tin mining started here in the 13th century. Eventually shafts were sunk at Vitifer seen here below Birch Tor and at Golden Dagger about a mile down the valley, both to about 400 feet to work the tin underground. The underground working ceased in 1914 but Golden Dagger spoil heaps were reworked from 1918 until 1930. Whilst the miners eat mostly rabbits from the warren, they needed somewhere to drink, hence the pub.

    It begins to cloud over

    A wintery shower approaches

    Any excuse to shelter from the rain, so a lunch of steak and ale pie washed down with a local scrumpy (cider) :smile:

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    Thats pretty amazing…what a sense of human isolation, love the pics.
    BTW the effects of scrumpy can sneak up rather quickly on the uninitiated….like me :smile:
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    Indeed they can. In some places they will only serve you more than one pint if you are a regular - and they know you can handle it.
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  4. Wow, that is really out there.

    I often wonder why cities/towns are where they are.
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  5. Ripleysbaby

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    A blast from my past. :drinks:
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    Kyle Krug
    Great shots, Barrie... really gives a sense of a sparse landscape.

    Definitely looks like the kind of place I could settle in for a couple pints.
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    An interesting story. Your photo illustrate the story very well. Thanks for posting.
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    Jan 3, 2012
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    I half expect Holmes and Watson to stride into view.

    Cheers, Jock
    PS Beware the hound!
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    How about the old farm labourers who, in cider making areas received some of their wages in cider. A clever ploy to get them to work on time, they had to hang their empty cider flagon on a coat peg for the farmers wife to collect dead on starting time, late and you got no cider for the day. Usually a whole gallon, drunk by the next day and back for more! No wonder that as old men they had a ruddy complexion and large red noses!

    Jock, a large black (Irish?) wolfhound dragged its owners into the pub while I was having lunch. It seemed friendly enough but could easily put its head on the table. I shouldn't have wanted to meet it out on the moor on a dark night.

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    An excellent series Barrie. :thumbup:
    You really know how to show context - you always have and this is another great example. The feeling of isolation is overwhelming. I'd pedal daily for a scrumpy if I lived within 10kms of that place. Something very inviting about it indeed. I assume it's a nice cider they have on tap if you're willing to utilise it for pie-washing-down duties?
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  11. Luke

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    I wish I was there.
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    My thoughts exactly, Luke! And I agree about that Holmes and Watson comment - as well as with Mark's compliments to you, Barrie. I've always enjoyed your stories and histories along with your photos.

    Though I've never had a scrumpy, I have a feeling I'd like it.:drinks:
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