A Dartmoor walk with a DP1M

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    The morning dawned bright and clear, no wind but a very light frost. By 07:30 I was at Moorgate near Owley on the southern fringe of Dartmoor.

    A few minutes north of Moorgate and the vista north opens up, in the woods below and to the right flows the Glazebrook, centre distance the fresh green of a high Beech plantation, my object for this mornings walk

    The damp climate with very clean air is conducive to the growth of lichens, here a form of bearded lichen is draped across the branches of this tree

    Down in the valley the Glazebrook flows south to join the River Avon south of South Brent. Above it the beautiful pale fresh spring green of the newly opened beech leaves

    As the morning progresses there are signs of a build up of fair weather cloud

    Climbing higher through rock clitter with its attendant distorted trees

    The distant beech plantation has been reached

    To the north west rather less friendly cloud is building. I was lucky to only catch the edge of two or three showers, they contained hail with a noticeable drop in temperature. I understand that some 10-20 miles further north torrential hail storms caused some traffic disruption and accidents

    I elected to continue north and came across what appeared to be the highest growing tree hereabouts. The clump of twigs in its branches is almost certainly a ravens nest, if it's been used this year the young would have only left some 7-10 days ago, there were certainly several ravens around. A wild place to start ones life, but that is the lot of ravens, birds of wild places.

    A final look at the beech plantation as I descend after a very enjoyable mornings walk.

  2. Great series. Such awesome detail!!!! Can't wait to take my new DP1m out for a good spanking!!!:biggrin:
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    Peter Tachauer
    All I can say is...........lovely, lovely.....lovely!
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    Absolutely wonderful stuff Barrie! And what a great location....
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    John Griggs
    Both very lovely and understated. Nicely done.
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    Absolutey superb.
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    Thanks for your comments everyone, much appreciated.

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    Wonderfully detailed, and I like the PP very much. :thumbup: