A couple of cute tricks the LX100 can pull off

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    The focal length ostensibly tops out at 75mm (e), but with one stage of digital zoom engaged, you can get up to 150mm:

    LX100 Oakwood fall leaves 038.JPG
    and with another level of digital zoom engaged, up to 300mm:

    LX100 Oakwood fall leaves 039.JPG

    I was poking around the shooting menus and noticed that there is a handheld HDR mode that the camera can engage through the iA menu. When engaged, the LX100 pops off three shots like a motor drive and combines them in the camera.

    Here's a scene shot in P mode (vivid coloring engaged:

    LX100 Oakwood fall leaves 028.JPG
    Here's same scene in HDR mode:

    LX100 Oakwood fall leaves 029.JPG
    (Just noticed I got a couple of shots of my shadow!)

    Cheers, Jock
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