A Black Five on foreign territory dares to enter Cornwall

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    This class of steam engine, known as a Black Five, never appeared in this part of the world in the days of steam on the UK railways. Today 45407 ventured west into Cornwall.

    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr
    Here it is exiting the western portal of Isambard Kingdom Brunels great masterpiece, the Royal Albert Bridge. This is technically a Bowstring Suspension Bridge and remains the only suspension bridge in the world to carry a mainline railway. For 102 years it stood alone across the River Tamar linking Devon to Cornwall until in 1961 the modern road bridge seen behind was opened. Back in the 1950's it was a treat for me during the school holidays to be taken by mother to North Road Station in Plymouth, catch the local suburban steam auto train to Saltash, then walk down the hill, cross the river on the vehicle ferry and catch the number 7 bus at Bull Point on the Plymouth side. That would take us back through Plymouth and out the other side to our village of Oreston on the estuary of the River Plym. Simple but happy days.

    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr
    The approach spans on either side of the main bridge curve quite sharply. This is taken from the platform at Saltash station

    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr
    The Royal Albert Bridge can be seen in the background as 45407 enters Saltash station. The bridge has been under maintenance for the last four years and this western portal has only recently had the sheeting still seen over the other two piers removed.

    by barrie.whitehall, on Flickr
    45407 drifts into Saltash station, sadly no smoke and steam as the crew observe the severe 15mph speed limit on the bridge.

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    Lovely shots and commentary, Barrie.
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  3. Neat train shots.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Enjoyable as always.
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