3rd Party batteries for NEX

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Ghosthunter, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking of getting a spare battery for the NEX and had a look on *Bay. All the ones there are 3rd party batteries and some say they are 'decoded' and some don't. Which do i need or is it better to get a proper Sony battery. Any issues with 3rd party batteries? It would be nice to get a 1500mAh jobby.
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    My view: I've read good things and bad things about third party batteries. I tend to think that it's all a bit of a lottery going down this route. Get a bad one and you could do some serious damage to your camera. Having spent $500 on the camera I didn't see the point in trying to save $30-40 by buying a third party battery so I bought the Sony one. Overpriced? Maybe. But still cheap compare to the camera and if it blows the camera up I'm covered. If my Chinese knock off blows the camera up I'm stuffed.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    I got a knockoff too, but I forget the brand. There was a discussion somewhere (dpreview or maybe just on Amazon?) about which ones were good and which weren't - some didn't fit in the slot. I got one of the recommended ones and its a little bit tight in the slot, but its workable and the charge seems about the same as the Sony. There were definitely some bad experiences out there with these though.

  5. Thanks guy's. The orig Sony battery here is £47 delivered so for peace of mind i think it's probably best to stick with the original. £16 for a replacement is SO tempting though!! :biggrin:
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    Andy, the one I posted above fits perfectly. It last at least 2xs as long.
    The camera reads the volume also....
  7. mine

    I bought from EBAY a replacement that fits just fine. It seems to last just as long as the original.
  8. Cheers Don but can't find these in the UK. I'll keep trying :smile:

    Edit: I have found one and it has been ordered. It's only 1050mAh the same as the orig but that will be fine.

    Fingers crossed it will be ok!
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    Andy, I can order and send it to you.
    Let me know....
  10. Thanks Don

    I'll see how i get on with this one and if it's good I'll get you to order me one. I think I'm going to be using the NEX rather a lot this summer!!!

    Many thanks :thumbup:
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    Has anyone ever actually heard of a 3rd party battery ruining a camera? The worst I've ever heard is just getting inferior charge capacity. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, just haven't ever heard of it. Otherwise I'm happy paying 1/5 the price to get most of the capacity of the offical Sony battery.