27/2.8 - Second Time a "Charm"

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Burkey, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. While surfing around Amazon I noticed a "used" 27/2.8 for sale via the Amazon Warehouse option and bought it. Apparently someone got it when they bought the X Pro1 with 35/1.4 and the 27 as the package deal recently offered. So the 27/2.8 was new but could not be listed as such and at a very good price. I had owned one before but it just didn't seem right for me at the time.
    However, this time around it's proving to be a good addition to my Fuji lens stable.
    'Thought I might share a grab shot taken yesterday with the lens wide open.
    X-E2, ISO200, f2.8, processed in LRCC.
    . . . David
    Yellow Flowers on Porch (1 of 1).jpg
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    Bill Palmer
    It's a cracking and quite under-appreciated lens. I am not surprised that there might be one or two on the market following that deal - 35 and 27 are quite close by some standards, and whilst the 35 is by any reasonable measure the better lens I have a real soft spot for the 27, not least for it's compact size and the 40mm equivalent fov. That's a great shot, that shows it off to good effect. It draws in quite a "painterly" way, quite different from the crispness of the 35. I do wonder if the 35 f2 that will probably hit the streets with the X-Pro2 will render more like the 27 than the current 35 in "real-world" use.
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  3. The 27 is just about permanently on my xe1 :). The 16, 23 and 56 seem to get all the rave reviews followed by the 35.

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  4. Thanks all. Some excellent thoughts and comments. Bill, your comment "It draws in quite a "painterly" way. . . " Yes, I agree. Situationally, it reminds me of some Voigtlander and Leica glass that would occasionally get a bad rap because of some alleged softness when perhaps the real culprit was just less contrast.
    Maybe a continuation of this thread with more 27/2.8 images would be interesting. I really look forward to using the lens on my X-Pro1 - my most painterly Fuji body, or at least as how I view it.
    . . . David
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    The bokeh on the 27 is a little busier than the 35, for sure. But no other lens in the lineup is so easy to toss on, head out the door, and get most everything done with, save the 18-55. And the zoom is SO much bigger and heavier... I find myself using the 27 much more than I ever thought I would. If I'm just heading somewhere and want a camera just in case, it's generally got the 27 on it.
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