18,5mm availability

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  1. I'm not buying from B&H on this occasion (cheaper in OZ) but there seems to be a worldwide shortage of this particular lens and I was wondering if anyone had any idea whether Nikon is just not making it available until orders come in, or what. My local suppliers have no idea and seem unwilling to ask. I'm now in a situation where an online retailer has taken money from my account, with no stock to send me. Getting peeved and don't know who to be peeved at.

    Maybe this doesn't need an answer, I really just needed to whine about it. TBH its putting me off continuing with Nikon 1, at all :(
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    Dec 25, 2012
    They're in stock here in Texas...
  3. I see. Perhaps its just Australia, in which case, get nicked, Nikon, because they don't want the US to sell to Australia (found this out when I tried to buy something from Cameta, and then from B&H... the 30-110) in any case. I've changed my mind about bothering with it. I have been happy with the stuff I have, and will make do without until stock is available here as well... that is, when I can walk into a store and buy across the counter. If that never happens, then I shant bother.
    Its all too much trouble.

    I got in touch with the store selling the item yesterday, they still had no idea when they might get stock and offered a refund which I accepted.
  4. Well, having received the refund from the store I ordered from, I decided to bite the bullet and buy from the US. To make it worthwhile shippingwise, I also added some filters and an auto lens cap for my poor old XZ-1 to the mix. Adorama this time. I really do want the lens. So this is the third and last time. I'll get the 32mm in due course, as well.