<1" Sensors - Not Too Shabby For Stage

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    Yes, I said Stage. :)

    I normally shoot Stage with APS-C and fast lenses, but when I'm not shooting dress rehearsals for the brochures and cast photos, it's always fun to sit in the audience on First Night and see what I can get away with using a Pocket Camera. Case in point - Sony HX80 vs. Fuji XT-10. The results are obvious, but without any retouch on the tiny-sensored Sony pics, they're actually not bad at all compared to the Fuji if you absolutely had to have a picture and not deal with bringing kit that won't fit in your shirt pocket.

    Fuji XT-10 with 56/1.2

    Sony HX80 240mm (35 EQ) at f6.3 - yep.

    Fuji XT-10 with 56/1.2


    Sony HX80 250mm 1/60 at f6.3

    For a tiny camera that shoots at a very noisy ISO3200 and has a slow f6.3 at the long end, it can pleasantly surprise. You'll get a lot of blurry photos, and any action faster than a walking pace is not in the cards to be sure. But for certain moments, it works decently enough for a social media share.
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